A single URL now connects to multiple gateways

Through our service you now have control of the ease which allows multiple platforms to be linked using one bio link. A range of social media profiles are now accessible through one simple click. You can even display your client’s ad campaigns by highlighting them at the top. Additionally, our service also allows you the choice of temporarily disabling all of your accessible links.

Easy to manage

Linkup with me allows for a simple yet efficient interface that makes the entire experience worthwhile. It is extremely easy to manage all of your data with just this one app, from anywhere in the world. Simply login to your account and use the navigations panel to make the changes that you want. Our app allows you to make customized changes to the background, the content itself as well as its appearance. Additionally, it allows you to go beyond the capacity of buttons by adding links to further data and information

Suitable for use on all devices

Our app is designed in such a way that it ensures great quality no matter what device you are using. Our interface and layout do not compromise on delivering the best of the best to each and every one of our users thus, adapting itself to suit all our users. We keep working on continuous improvements and always prioritize user feedback.